Sunday, March 31, 2013

My brave new world

There is no end to the challenges of daily life in these tumultuous times. Most people sense it these days. Still, at New Horizons, Lisa, Sue and I continue to stay the course of our collective vision, developed over many years together as board members.

Our shared dedication to a consciously emerging possible society has never faltered, in spite of the obstacles we have faced; Lisa and I for fourteen, difficult  years; the years during which I was blind and, then, recovering from the ordeal.

Waking up to a brave
new world
Then “along came Sue” to join us, body, mind and spirit, for the past seven years. These have been the years of New Horizons’ rebirth. And, my own as “we” began to rise from the ashes of what had been “before;” the time of that dark night of our souls; New Horizons and mine (1998 – 2006).

However, the past eighteen months or so have been most inspiring as our Possible Human, PossibleSociety Study began connecting us to growing numbers of individuals and groups, also raising themselves and others up to the higher realms of consciousness and behaving. Like the signs of springtime surrounding us these days, the possibilities ahead that this endeavor has brought us to promises the realization of long-held dreams, if the dark doesn’t do us in first.

Still we are not yet quite out of the woods, collectively.  Perhaps, we may even have a good ways to go. Personally, I often find myself wearied, at times, by the long, hard road that has been. Re-birth, like birth, does not necessarily come without hard labor. And, the road has been so long and so hard.

Please, never doubt for a moment that recovery from extended blindness can be quite an ordeal. Still, today, in spite of myself I am counting my blessings.

“Hippy, hoppy, happy Easter (and Passover)” said my dear friend this morning in a text message.  Same from me.

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