Monday, March 21, 2011

What Does All This Chaos Mean?

I’ve got to take a pause.

I need time to reflect.

I am not on the ground in Egypt or Libya.

I can do almost nothing to assist their cause. Nor that of the Japanese either.

I do not feel entirely at peace with myself about this, however.

Yet, I am relieved to be so far away from it all.

I am up in the mountains just above Harpers Ferry. I am safe where I am right now.

My friends and family are safe.

And, whatever is my small piece to contribute to world peace, thinking globally, acting locally, is gestating, once again, inside of me.

There is no earthquake here.

No tsunami or aftershocks from either.

No known threats to the southeastern coast that is close to two hundred miles from where I now sit.

There is not even a power outage where I am forced to get around in the dark. And, keep a set of active, eight year old twins occupied. That was the challenge of my honorary daughter, Terri, and her husband, Paul, in northern California when I called them last night.

Chickadees, a good many titmice and a few cardinals, now and then, are busy chirping away and nourishing themselves at my birdfeeders. Mourning doves are so frequently calling out to one another, now, from morning until night that it has become almost as noisey as it gets up here.

Privileged to be where I am, surrounded by peace and almost quiet, I feel gratitude for my place – and -- great compassion for those so much less fortunate. 

Then, I ask myself, again -- What is mine to do?

What is New Horizons to do?

How can I/we best help what besets us worldwide?  Am I to even have an answer?

What does this all mean; revolutions in the Middle East, devastation in Japan, hearings on Islamic radicalization in congress?

And, on and on. – and – on and on.

Today I am weary. I must stand back and reflect.

Get my bearings.

But that does not feel adequate for such dire circumstances; that I can simply go sit on my deck and watch my bird guests as they feed.

What I can best contribute today, alas, is only at the level of -- -- Gestation.

It is not enough. Maybe tomorrow I will discover how I can better serve.

Perhaps I will, at least, know – while I think globally, what I can do locally.


It seems like such a nothing to do though I know in my greater Self that it is not.

After gestation.


Dayenu = it is enough for today.

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