Sunday, November 28, 2010

Now Be Thankful

If I were that turkey looking at us on this blog I’d be thankful to still be alive the weekend after Thanksgiving. However, if I were the “turkey” the politicians are making out of our democratic system, I’d be ashamed. (The Random House College Dictionary defines “turkey” as a poor, unsuccessful theatrical presentation (i.e. a flop). In other words a “turkey” can be defined as an intense dramatic production that bombs. Just like our recent elections.) Polarization that seeks itself again and again simply for its own gratification; the high that ceaseless conflict generates -- has little sustainable benefit as far as I can “See.” Polarization can offer an opportunity for creative tension. In the hands of exceptional leaders polarization can create an opening for exploring options; getting to, not only the facts that savvy politicians and the business community know how to adroitly manipulate -- but to clarity, even to reach to the edges of “truth.” At least the best truth we can humanly reach. Polarization at the base-est level sought by the majority of our so-called leaders these days -- does not and cannot even come close to the elegant solutions that are genuinely creative and serve humanity. Maybe I am somewhat politically naïve (though that is unlikely having spent my entire adult life in and around the nation’s capitol) -- but I still believe that our Founding Fathers had something other in mind than devising a long-lasting government scheme of institutionalizing personal and political bashing. I grew up believing that our two party democratic structure meant a system of checks and balances; a means by which to attain peace – in as orderly fashion as possible. (Actually I really grew up when Watergate gave me my “last straw” about Washington politics. And, whoever in my generation has ever really gotten completely past the grief of those three assassinations of the 1960s?) On the other hand, maybe our Founding Fathers were truly that shortsighted given the absence of "Founding Mothers" signing the Declaration of Independence. Or is this thinking on my part just women-ese, merely an outgrowth of my undergraduate Women’s Studies education? Still in my mind, it just makes sense, if you think about it, that if you want to attain global peace, imagine even surviving, you do need to learn to do it on your own home turf. Even if all you really want is to get some practice while your main objective is to take over the world. Anyway, it’s Thanksgiving weekend. Peace on earth, goodwill to man, woman and child time. And, I am thankful for the mentors I've had, men and women, who showed me that win-lose is not an option in true HUMAN relations. Only win-win outcomes and elegant solutions build a way to lasting peace, even if the process is long and arduous. That’s what I want my legacy to be.

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