Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Reflections Day 6: How Our Local Jewish/Muslim Controvery Ended For Me

 "The Middle East Crisis In My Backyard"

After I posted my last blog, I pondered where to go next with my story. I decided to go to the end of it -- for now. Later, I can go back and tell more, as it becomes relevant for the purpose here; to provide something of value; lessons from which to learn.

That’s what storytelling offers. Insight!

So, how – in summary did it; the time of controversy end for me”?

Overall: Sorrow.

Jews versus Jews; Jews rejecting Muslims; Jews, pretending nothing was happening (like the emperor has no clothes); Jews isolating themselves from the greater community, dominantly Christian.

Polarization. Not good.

There was some progress on all sides. Great as first steps. Enough to save face -- and -- make a start.

Every step forward counts as a worthwhile endeavor. Not to be minimized.

Where there was silence – doing nothing -- it was -- is -- not without cost.

So let’s not do that one again!

Learn from the past and keep stepping forward so that someday we reach that place of “awe.”

My biggest lessons:

1. Jews cannot afford to be divided, if the true vision of a Jewish homeland is to be achieved. (Herzl The King: The Founder of Modern Israel, Norman Kotker, Chas. Scribner’s Sons, 1972)

2. Americans cannot be polarized and keep our peace secure! What’s my part? What can I do?

3. Conversation is an art to be treasured!

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