Friday, May 28, 2010

Storyteller, Par Excellence

Anastasia Rosen-Jones, New Horizons / Small “Zones Of Peace” Project Executive Director and Founder discusses peace-building with Murat Yagan.

Murat, the last living elder of an ancient Abkhazian tradition, known worldwide for its capacity to sustain peace over 26,000 years, has been a major guide and supporter of Anastasia in her development of the New Horizons/Small “Zones of Peace” Project community development and violence prevention model.

The New Horizons / Small “Zones of Peace” Project is a manifestation of Ms. Rosen-Jones’ profound visionary capacity and her close to forty years in the mental health field.

Anastasia’s innovative therapeutic community approach uniquely equips her to analyze organizational snags and develop strategies that empower and transform.

A retired psychotherapist, Ms. Rosen-Jones is the author of five full-length works in progress, including “The Middle East Crisis In My Backyard” and numerous articles.

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