Monday, September 1, 2014

The Prophecy: Part 2

Darn – in my mind’s eye I had it all planned out to tell you, my devoted visitors, the details of my prophecy and my experience of it. It was given to me on August 7, 1974, the day before Nixon resigned his presidency. I thought I would celebrate the fortieth anniversary by sharing it, or at least some time in August, 

But I’m not ready yet.

This prophecy, the one and only of my life, has so much shaped my life that I must do it the justice it deserves. It has so much to do with everything I hold dear for me and about me – and – for and about New Horizons. I cannot simply spill it all out in one gull swoop dive.

I’ve got to lead up to it, talk around and about it.

Since I am not given to teasing (or at least not much), allow me to direct you to a description of my prophecy by another writer, my dear friend, investigative journalist and author, G.M. (Mike) Corrigan.

I have just recalled that Mike described my prophecy in his Frederick News Post article about me and New Horizons in a lovely interview, "Finding Light In The Darkness," August 6, 2006.

Here is a link that can take you to Mike’s reporting on my prophecy as I shared it with him.

Now isn’t that odd? His article was published the exact day before the thirty-second anniversary of the prophecy. The world and its rhythms sure are interesting!

An astrologist could no doubt make something of this.

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