Friday, September 12, 2014

Step Right Up, Ladies and Gents!

“I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do!”

I’m not going to go all out to be mysterious. I am gonna do my best to tell you like it is (and has been).

But darn this “Prophecy” thing of mine -- and the adventure it presaged -- is not an easy thing to tell, much less write about in 5oo words or so.

So, I have asked Jack Slattery, my Possible Society In Motion Radio Show co-host, to help me tell my tale to you , as best as I can, on my Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show.

The BIG DAY for the beginning of my disclosures about “My Prophecy,” richly expanded by live broadcast and discussion, is tentatively set to be Saturday, October 25 on Anastasia The Storyteller -- if a) Jack can make it; and b) “G-d willing and the creek don’t rise,”

(In the meantime you can read a "draft" text outline about My Prophecy here.)

This tantalizing program, “Anastasia’s Prophecy Comes Alive,” will be preceded by a prelude kind of show titled,

“Anastasia,The Super Sleuth Says –“

Saturday, September 27, 2014

desribed as follows –

"Anastasia The Storyteller" is also Anastasia The Super Sleuth, who is also the Executive Director of the New Horizons’ Support Network, Inc., a community development and violence prevention non-profit organization. 
As the lead researcher of New Horizons' Possible Human, Possible Society Study, I (Anastasia) have/has been re-discovering an innate capacity to move beyond the "Cost of The Quiet" in order to make explicit the dire societal and political problems that each and every one of us could help reverse, if only we would.
Who could have known what this study could bring?

"Anastasia, The Super Sleuth" among other things.!
On this program, "Anastasia, the Super Sleuth" begins opening the doors to the adventure she has been on that has now become the Possible Society In Motion Project and its associated study, as well as  the various other programs and projects of the New Horizons Support Network, Inc.
Read Anastasia’s/my behind-the-scenes anecdotes on the "Anastasia The Storyteller" blog site for personal stories that brought NewHorizons into being and has sustained it through some very dark times to findthe Light it is now seeing.
Also visit the New Horizons' Small "Zones of Peace" Project blog site for how viewpoints, personal and professional, are presently being put into play at New Horizons. 

The best is yet to come!
Anastasia The Super Sleuth says, "It Doesn't Have To Be This Way."
Details on these shows, broadcast or podcast are at:
P.S. If this all is not enough to satisfy your curiosity, please write me at:, for a summary description text about "My Prophecy", now in progress, along with the rest of my life. 

I will send you a personal copy via email.

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