Friday, January 27, 2017

The United States Of America – And – It’s Flagrant Disregard For The Truth: The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth

Come on folks! Admit it! Donald Trump didn’t get himself elected in a nation of people who totally believe the truth will set you free! 

No sirree! Bunches of people were willing to compromise and allow the importance of truth  fall by the wayside to get this man elected!

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But then again, Hillary didn’t offer much of an alternative either, especially with husband Bill Clinton by her side; a man who stood in the White House Map room and lied to the American people. (Just like Cosby, this Bill, also, takes the cake.)  And we let that action be o.k.?

Is that a way to honor our White House? And our country?

Yeah, I know lots of people thought there wasn’t much of a selection for the presidential election campaign process any way you looked at it.

But how did we get ourselves into such a mess to begin with; with candidates whose flagrant disregard for truth must somehow reflect our own?

Now, I’m not pointing fingers here at our politicians. I am actually asking you to start looking at your own self.

Where does truth telling, let alone truth knowing – the whole truth and nothing but the truth – fit into your life?

How about the issue of speaking truth to power?

Want to take action to make social change?

I am going to be urging you all to make a pledge to begin your effort by taking on a devotion to the honoring of the role of truth telling, no matter what, in your life from here forth; make truth (and its bedfellow reality) standards in your life! 

In fact, making truth and reality standard bearers for our United States of America!

That is one small, yet very BIG way, you can help us all turn our country around; get it back on track, from the mess we are in, telling the truth and hearing the truth; patiently and non-defensively. If you can do that you are just a step or two away from having genuine dialogue with others; the building blocks of bridges to move beyond polarization.

Then you've really got something BIG started in the way of being a part of solutions

And, self-adjusting to get closer and closer to reality!!

Let us strive to get ourselves to a place where truth and integrity, along with compassion and caring for all of life, fills the White House. Because truth is a priority -- and -- we choose it!

For one of my contributions, I am going to, shortly, post, in several parts, a piece I wrote on “Telling The Truth” for my first book of my “Random House Trilogy.”  I hope as I get the parts up you will heed my words and start applying them to do, at least, a bit of healthy soul searching on the issue of how you hold telling the truth in your own life.

Don’t disparage our newly elected president on this point, telling the truth, unless you have a lily white slate of your own.

Let’s make America greater! Let’s make America honest!

The truth will set us free!


  1. From Anonymous (posted by Anastasia)

    Most folks are busy trying to make the most out of the hand they have been dealt.

    Truth is not an absolute.

    One persons truth has no bearing on another.

    I try to have folks take time to consider the effect their decision will have on others and their satisfaction of the results.

    Love is truth but completely a matter of personal opinion to those we inflict our version upon.

    My father would insist he loved me as he beat the hell out of me. I loved my father and tried to always tell him the truth unless he would beat me for it.

  2. Good article. It is honest and gritty and gets to your heart. Now, how do we use the information we have about the new regime to our benefit? Thinking ahead? I know you are! You are very clever that way!