Wednesday, January 11, 2017

My Friend Charlie Brotman, Contrary To News Reports, Is Not Suicidal!

After a sleepless night worrying myself to distraction, I had to track down Charlie Brotman’s daughter to find out he is not suicidal!

Thank goodness beyond measure for that!

Could Charlie have just been behaving like his usual flamboyant self, saying he was that devastated and heartbroken that Trump and team said “You’re fired!”?

I don’t know. But he is okay. And, according to his daughter likely to remain so.

Just thought you might want to know if you read ---
Anastasia and Charlie
reading together.

"Inauguration announcer on being cut by Trump: 'I thought I was going to commit suicide'"

Truth be told Charlie's going to come through this disappointment like the lifelong champ that he is!

Still those were pretty strong and mean words for a president-elect to send through his team by email to a "legend in his own time" inaugural parade announcer. 

But then the new guy definitely voted Trump! What else can we say?

And, Trump won't be president forever! 

So look for Charlie to be back in the announcer's box for the inaugural parade when he's out!

After all Charlie did say, at an earlier time (read all about it somewhere) he was pledged to announcing that parade until he's one hundred twenty. 

I am one whose going to hold him to it, at least as long as I can.

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