Saturday, September 11, 2010

Reflections – Ten Days of Awe: Ten Days of Repentance

Days 2 and 3 (September 10 and September 11)

Conversation and contemplation replace my fury.

Anticipated joy on its way. For now careful reflection rules the day.

Thursday's conversation (first day of Rosh Hoshana) with Sandi led me to further reflection on the NYC mosque situation; perspectives and feelings revised.

My anger, replaced by contemplation.

Anger in me, sitting as if straight on the center of a balance beam.

Weighing in against what?

Compassion? I'm not certain. Perhaps enlightenment?

Certainly I am seeking "awe" by Yom Kippur.

Conversation -- meaningful conversation -- with those who are committed to thinking outside the box brings forth "elegant solutions."

Even if those solutions are only resolving dilemmas within oneself.

My Divine ZOP Sister, Sandi, is one I know I can count on to help me discover elegant solutions inside myself.

Sometimes the next step is some kind of elegant solution that takes the form of  tion. Sometimes not.

Sometimes the elegance and the awe just simply sit inside of me.

After talking with Sandi, I was back into prayer, reflection and conversations with G-d.

Soon "my Sue" arrived to more formally celebrate the Jewish New Year with me.

We spent some of our precious time reflecting on our misdeeds of the past years as Jewish tradition instructs.

Sitting on a massive rock at the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers, we "cast off" our sins by throwing pieces of bread into the river.

Then we joined with each other in many other Rosh Hoshana traditions as the day progressed.

Today is September 11 -- sacred.

More serious contemplation.

Walking thoughtfully, carefully through the day.

Mindfulness meditation brings a healing heart. Clarity of mind.

It is truly all that I have at this moment.

Dayenu. Is it enough?

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