Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Spiritual Side of “Making Violence Obsolete”

I am watching the web site slides from my “Birth Of A Movement” radio program as I listen to the podcast from yesterday’s show. Today, without the pressures of program planning tasks, time limits and being mindful of what I say on the air in terms of how it will impact listeners, I am simply reflecting -- and -- feeling about the experience of doing that show.

It was a glorious experience! I doubt it could have turned out any other way for me with the support I had.  With my honorary daughter, Terry, as my guest to help “lift” a program that would have been without zest, without her, I came away from the show as greatly uplifted, personally, as I hope my listeners would also be.  

That’s what a daughter can mean to a “Mom,” biological or otherwise, in a circumstance such as that one was for me.

The beauty was born of the co-creative, synergistic energy that only long term, enduring relationships such as ours, having withstood the tests both of time and rough waters navigated, can naturally produce. Out of this, the takeaway for me showed up in a question Terry asked, out of my sharing the part now being played by my prophecy in the creation of New Horizons “Making Violence Obsolete” project.

Listen to the podcast so you can hear the question as it is embedded in our broadcast discussion.

As if the answer was glaringly right in front of my face and yet unseen, today I am still pondering that answer; what is the spirtual side of New Horizons "Making Violence Obsolete" project?

I think that on the air Terry might have been meaning to ask if the prophecy was a spiritual encounter. And, of course, that is simply and completely exactly what it was! So I told her.

But when the show was over and each of us had gone on to our own private spaces and a busy day ahead too, the question stayed with me, leaving me to ponder, almost ceaselessly, about the spiritual side of the entire “Making Violence Obsolete” project. There definitely is one and its significance is fundamental. However to this moment I have found no simple or easy way to explain it, even to myself. So it occurs to me that the answer might need to be an unfolding one; a work in progress as each of us is anyway.

Maybe the spiritual side of the “Making Violence Obsolete” project is interwoven into the entire journey, from "there" to here wherever that may be, it has been for me to “birth” this new baby of mine. Indeed much of New Horizons, as it stands today, is like another child born of my body. Certainly, any way you look at it, all births are of the body, mind and spirit.

(Note: Terry and I did an earlier radio show on the topic of my from "there to here" journey a few years back on my Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show. You might enjoy listening to it on podcast. The story is still mine though the context is a bit different. At a later date I will find the exact link to that speific show (July, 2013 or 2014) as time allows.) 

Later in the day, yesterday, Terry sent me two gorgeous pictures; one that I am using for this blog and another, equally as beautiful but not quite carrying the import for me of the one. The significance of this picture, to my eyes, is that I see me in the dark haired woman and Terry in the light haired. This is actually how we are in real life; Terry a reddish-haired, strawberry blonde and me a brunette. And, definitely it looks to me as if the dark haired one is more a mom-type while the light haired is more of the younger daughter type. 

I am certain that if you look closely at the image you will readily see what I mean about it.

Attached to the graphic, Terry had written this short text note  -- 
“Pics I had in front of me that helped me feel our heart to heart connection. Love you.”
Those words alone, attached to the images are enough to make my heart to sing. “Dayenu,” as it is said in Hebrew, meaning “it is enough.”

Another reflection is that the whole of Terry and I together on that program brought my mind to connect to the premise of the new project --
"Violence “could” become obsolete, “someday”, if we start, now, doing more and more of the right things and, together, stop doing the “wrong” ones!”
Certainly Terry and I have done a lot of growing, separately and together, to learn and do “more and more of  the right things and, together, stop doing the “wrong” ones,” bringing us to even be able to do a radio show broadcast together, after an almost thirty year, sometimes rocky, love-filled relationship. Our relationship definitely represents a moving beyond the "subtle violence" that impinges on any relationship, now and again.

I trust that with support such as I have from Terry (and Sue and Lisa and many others of like-mind with me) that I am going, someday, soon I hope, to get closer and closer to knowing and sharing the spiritual side of New Horizons "Making Violence Obsolete" project, as it has been for me in the formation. I think that will be important to know, at least for some of you. It is definitely a core element of the whole of the magic of the project

Meanwhile, try to find a minute or two to listen to that podcast and bring yourself, too, into New Horizons “Making Violence Obsolete” adventure; both the practical and the spiritual sides! 

You've got to admit that even imagining “Making Violence Obsolete” has definitely got to have a hefty dose from the far outer ranges of human consciousness into the great beyond. To succeed, even a bit, it’s going to take a world-wide village (i.e. many small “zones of peace”) to help us reach our destination, “Making Violence Obsolete.” Let's all get started immediately if not already done so.

In the words of Anne Frank -- 

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."

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