Saturday, October 29, 2016

Reaching For The High Place

For Lucky, Sue and Paul’s cat who passed away Sunday night and is now transitioning to the “high place.” Rest in peace, Lucky.

I woke up this morning feeling as if I had sandbags on my legs, holding me fast to the forces of gravity. It didn’t take long to realize that it was “election campaign malaise” pulling me down. You are probably having a touch of it too these days. Especially Donald Trump’s madness, as he spews it out onto all of us, is like living in bedlam. And, then there is the chaos of Hillary’s emails, once again.  When I add that to the disgust any mention of Anthony Weiner evokes in me, oh dear, oh dear me!

Please just let it all end soon and allow us to “simply” adjust to whatever will come next in American politics and society which will not be simple at all!

Determined to not allow this sickness to rob me of a beautiful day with the sun shining on the trees outside the windows of my room, I reached out in my mind, searching for a way through the darkness of that mayhem to lift me to the Light of the other side; the High Place.

Along the way of my seeking for this Higher Place, I checked in briefly, as I usually do, with my Spirit Sister Sue.

“What do you think of “that of G-d” being as much in Donald Trump as in anyone else,” I inquired of dear Sue?  

(Note: The G-d place in Hillary is relatively steady for me, up to a point, now. But why, oh why can’t a leader of her ilk not just walk the straight and narrow for a change? Particularly when the alternative to her in this race is such a complete disaster? That’s politics for you, I guess. Oh dear, oh dear! Nonetheless, I will vote Democrat as “Stronger Together” speaks to me, even when Hillary doesn’t.)

But back onto the subject of Trump  my mind goes as he is the one I like least; almost abhor to be truthful! 

So I am asking about the “G-d within” Trump. I cannot find any signs of it in the man. I “diagnose” him to be a narcissistic sociopath which is a step higher than simply “narcissist for my opinion. I am certain he is a mentally ill man. But still I don’t like it in me to not be able to see Light in spite of the Dark. And I find myself unable to cut him the slack I might generally be inclined to do, at least for now.

I ask Sue about the G-d part because as a life-long Quaker, I trust she might be more adept at this discernment than I at this moment. It is this holy perspective; everyone carries “that of G-d” within, that is a basic tenet of her faith. So I knew I will welcome her perspectives on this. 

Soon Sue and I are chatting, as we do most mornings, on this topic when I remember my recent reading assignment from my Kebzeh "Big Sister," Joan McIntrye. With Murat, New Horizon’s Beloved Mentor, having passed away (December, 2013), Joan carries on with the guiding of me to apply the teachings of Kebzeh to my daily life and understand how to make the most of these traditions for New Horizon’s various peace action efforts.

The other evening, as I watched the setting sun, I had occasion to share the shimmering beauty of the fading light with a long distance chat with Joan in British Columbia where she lives. And where an "exceptional community" that grew up around Murat still continues on. With Joan, pointing me in a most appropriate direction for my contemplations of this morning, I came upon the following, paraphrased and interpreted from Murat’s Ahmsta Kebzeh: The Universal Science of Awe, Volume I (page 63 -65). It lifted me out of my emotional/spiritual heaviness. 

“The Cosmic energy vested in the Essence of the human being in attributes such as intelligence, love, will, consciousness, mercy, wisdom, knowledge, memory and so on….. reside in humans only as potentialities that each individual can activate on their own behalf. In the process of LIFE… such attributes as these can generate an “unending series of resonances, a jamboree of Universal Dance, I call it.”

From this brief but extraordinarily rich wisdom I am reminded how much I revere the experience of that “jamboree,” kindred spirit of “awe.”. (Heaven forbid, I have misinterpreted this, I can be sure Joan will straighten me out next time we talk.)

From this I concluded that it must be time for me to point my finger back at myself, if I am to find the High Place as it just isn’t there in our politics – or our society these days as solo is better than any bad company might be. And shake myself loose of politics, as much as one can in these days of upheaval. So for today I think I will do my best to stay away from the news on our campaign election madness and take myself outside for my usual vigorous walk on my mountain road.

And let that be that for my High Place today!

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