Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Love Behind The Message

Monday Morning On The Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show

Conversations With Anastasia 
On The Art of Dialogue

This Week Featuring

Monday, March 7
11:30 a.m.

(If you miss the broadcast, also on podcast)

About Monday Morning's program

Anastasia and her new "sidekick," Kim Beckett begin developing their series, "Conversations With Anastasia On The Art of Dialogue" with this show. A good introduction to the show, as well as the series, can be heard on their previous show, "Trading In The Costs of The Quiet For The Riches of Dialogue."

On that earlier show reference is made to what it was that prompted New Horizons’  Coffee House Conversations initiative (New Horizons is the sponsoring organization for The Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show). The back story for the initiative is heard at the end of the prior show. It will be used to introduce this present one as it provided the “love” behind the message of the Coffee House Conversations Project.

The Possible Society In Motion Radio Show titled “Leaning Into Conversations On Race Relations: A Love Story” is also recommended.  That particular program, recorded early last year, offers a broadened context for today’s show that listeners may find to be of benefit if interested in learning to apply the principles and practices of the new series, "Conversations With Anastasia on The Art of Dialogue."

Also see our Radio Show Study Guide for "Conversations With Anastasia On The Art of Dialogue. Bring yourself into the action and New Horizons' developing "Movement to Overcome Polarization In Our Society And Politics By Building Commujnity Bridges Through Dialogue." Our Radio Show Study Guide can help you make the leap!

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