Monday, March 7, 2016

Important News I Haven’t Been Sharing

Here is a bit of a back story, about to be told!  

My “The Middle East Crisis In My Backyard book is is now in progress, once again, after sitting on my office shelf for almost ten long years! 

Note: The full-length book will take some time; two years is my prediction, but is now on its way. However, an exerpt or, at least, a study guide for some of the most important messages of the book should be available by Labor Day. In the meantime, I offer you one of the critical messages from the book; strive to build Exceptional Community structures wherever you have opprotunity to do so. 

Behind the scenes at New Horizons – and – correspondingly in my own life something very BIG and wonderful has been happening this past month.

The significance is so BIG that it felt risky to share.

After all, especially beginning with the day I lost my eyesight (Labor Day weekend, 1998), I had come to feel as if I were living my life under a dark cloud; the one that Chicken Little might have mistaken for the falling sky when it started to rain on her.

Even now as I write this I feel a bit shaky bringing my “behind the scenes” upfront to share with you. At best the time since that day has seemed like a long, dreary, cold winter; the kind that seems as if it is telling us that spring will never come. Perhaps in the process I have grown superstitious. At the very least – cautious.

Still something wonderful did come into my life this past month; something as wonderful and as bright and cheerful as springtime and the many cardinals now feeding at the feeder outside my office window this sunshine-filled morning.

The news is this; kinda twofold seemingly at the moment but possibly BIGGER than that. 

Who can tell at this point? But we will keep you informed as the adventure unfolds.
  1. An old friend/client of “old” New Horizons has come back into my life. And with circumstances having changed in her life, she has come back to be in charge of fundraising – and – contract development (as in for profit contracts!!!) New Horizons and my single greatest need!  Wow!!
  2. And with this dear old friend who has decades of marketing and sales experience to boost her, almost the first thing she did was help me pull out of the moth balls a book I have had sitting on the shelf for almost ten years.
Such a BIG announcement!

“The Middle East Crisis In My Backyard: 
How Communities Come Apart And How They Heal” --

the book and multiple articles is now back in progress!

I hope it will be a best seller!

In the meantime, as I have kept that whole project a secret up until now, check out my Baltimore Jewish Times article, The Middle East Crisis In My Backyard, for a preview of some of the story that could not, would not be told until now.  

Wish me good luck, also, in the meantime!

Who could believe a person, ME, could sit blind and almost alone, except for two dogs and an occasional handy man, on a mountainside and come back – seeing – and more; to speak of what she has learned to see at ground level and beyond!

That be ME! G-d willing and the creek don’t rise!

Hallelujah, folks! Wish me luck, twice!

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