Saturday, May 30, 2015

It’s Been Hellacious!

I vowed. I wanted. I needed. I struggled. But to no avail; my beautiful life energies were stuck in the “lower triangle” (see diagram below) of my psyche, off and on all week long.

I yearned to move up and out of that darn lower triangle. Bound to it I was mired in stress and pettiness. I was after transforming that leaden place in me into gold. I wanted to move out of that state, as the upward arrows show (see diagram below), in the direction of the Divine.

But I just couldn’t get there!

I fussed with myself and fretted over the obstruction but I could not get the stuckness to let up except for little snippets of time now and then.  Sue said “don’t try to push the river.” That folksy wisdom did help some. But still I kept coming back to the struggle.

Oh, dear, oh dear, my Anastasia The Storyteller blog site was having its fifth anniversary and I was unable to celebrate it satisfactorily with the posts I had intended!

Too bound up to get even enough of a lift that could translate into a few simple words that would end up here.

Besides that, the end of the month loomed ahead and I was obligated to also post, at least, four blogs to satisfy my board members requirements for me. What to do? What to do?

I had so much I wanted to say. I felt myself poised right on the center of the main messages I wanted this blog site to convey; especially about the power and the beauty of the Force in you (and me). And, how the Force, as I know it, has brought me from “there” to “here;”out of my Darkness into the Light.

There is so much to know about it.

You probably know some or much of it already. But I have some specialized knowledge, tools and experience that must be given away!  I offer them go you. My small contribution to humanity as I know it today.

There were gifts, however, on the side of the battle I was having with my pettiness and stress. By observing it a definitive formula for how I see the Force operating came clear. The knowing was so exciting that for a moment I was almost ready to go!

Almost -- that is because the words would not quite come as I needed them to do.

If I can share how I can, intentionally, get the Force to work in my life – and – what I know of it as a professional; both as a psychological-sociological researcher and as a clinician, hopefully, I will contribute something to your life. All being at optimum potential realized, my offerings might also make some small contribution to aiding the resolve of some of our present social and political problems.

That is my heartfelt desire. This is also what my golden goose wanted me to do with the golden egg he gave to me. But it is not an easy assignment.

At best the Force, when description is attempted, gives the impression of being nebulous.  Sometimes, therefore, inviting those of a less esoteric bent to dismiss it as airy fairy or some such. However for those inclined to trust that there are many layers of very real, yet unseen realities always functioning, it is unquestionable.

You who are seeing that which is not so readily seen are the ones with whom I yearn to connect.  The rest will just have to catch up as and when they can.

Over the holiday weekend I set my mind to the intention of making the Force, as I know it, as clear and definitive as I can for readers of my blogs.  I know I can do this but now a new awareness has come to me about the challenge; from not only being in the angst but also by carefully observing it.

So what did I end up with for my all my efforting?

A delightful realization that what I have to offer on the subject of the Force should now be granted an equal or greater time than carrying out the original intent for this blog site to date.

"Anastasia The Storyteller" had as its original mission to be ---

“A personal and professional blog exploring the vision behind the New Horizons’ Small “Zones Of Peace” Project and how it reflects my journey from blindness to recovery.

The vehicle for achieving this intent has been to write stories on anything and everything related to this intent with a particular emphasis on taking off the many masks I, personally, had been wearing.  Thus the blog site also offered this as a theme ---

“I wear a thousand masks – and all of them are me.”

Now I no longer wear all those masks; maybe just one or two now and then.

So, in celebration of this blog site’s fifth anniversary what I am setting out to do next is to add to those original intents with a pledge to keep telling you my stories with a particular emphasis on –

…guiding you to be able to transform the lead in yourself into the gold, using the principles and tools that have helped me, not only survive blindness and all its related losses but bring myself, with a little help from my friends, to the threshold of my dreams come true.

Thus from here forth I pledge to give you the full scope of the many formulae I have for maximizing the power and beauty of the Force within and how I believe you can apply these to make your adventure work at its optimum best.

Now let’s see what the next five years will bring us!

To achieve this end, it will now take me two blog sites; this one, Anastasia The Storyteller, for the back stories of my own transformative journey as I am experiencing it  behind the scenes -- and -- my new site, Exploring Your Dark Side Warrior: The Adventure of A Lifetime blog site for principles and practices.

To entice your interest in following my plan, take a close look at the map below that I am following for my adventure of guiding you on your adventure; destination Divine!

As we journey forth together utilizing this map and its other related charts and diagrams, principles and practices the collection I will be providing will come to mean a great deal for you, I believe.  But that will likely be only after some extensive explaining on my part and much repetition of the principles involved. 

(The map below is a simplified adaptation of Murat Yagan ' s "Chart of Ascension." It is offered here by way of introducing Murat's more complex chart which will be presented at an advanced stage of our adventure.)

In the meantime, not to be trite, but at a lost for other words, the best I can offer as our adventure moves forward on its next steps is –

“May the Force be with us!”

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