Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hillary Makes My Point And I Wish She Hadn’t

In nineteen eight-four when I was back in school, for the umpty umptieth time, finishing up undergraduate, I was entrenched in researching the survivor/addict theories of my psychiatrist mentor, Marty Groder, M.D..

This research, though done on an undergraduate level, became the basis for my three Random House books (still unpublished) as well as the foundation of everything I have ever done since; personally and professionally.

(The original research was done in the Women’ s Studies Department at the University Of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, circa 1985.)

That is why I take so much time and pain to share this stuff of my still unpublished Random House Trilogy with you!

I know how critically important is this research!  And, I want it out and into your minds as much and as quickly as I can through my three blog sites.

Between Marty and myself and others who learned at his feet, this research and its applications has changed thousands upon thousands of lives. (Folks in and out of prison I might add.)

It can help change your life too, once you grasp its significance.

Nonethess, today in light of Hillary’s recent blunders regarding her emails, I want to draw your attention to the way I see this misstep within the context of that research.  Maybe it is my way of doing a bit of presidemtial campaigning of my own.

One way you can play along with my “game” such as it is – and – find your own comfort zone on this pertinent presidential campaign issue is this –

Pretend you are Hillary Clinton and take my “Do You Have A Survivor Addict Personality Type” inventory.

·         See what you discover from it about Hillary (as if you didn’t already know it);
·         Then ask yourself what difference it makes for you;
·         How truly different are you than this in the whole scheme of things?

Come on folks, truth be told, we are all in this “game” together!

Now back to Hillary and my personal opinions. Here goes for me --
  1. I want Hillary for president. That’s my personal choice, as of now, so, as it stands, I will most probably vote for her.
  2. On the other hand, New Horizons Possible Human, Possible Society Study has truly opened my eyes to a great deal. In some ways its not so very pretty about any of us.
  3. This is why I intend to vote for Hillary. And, I hold that her caginess is totally unacceptable in our leadership, especially our president (as is also your caginess and mine)!
  4. But what can you do, except voice your dismay and keep on talking until things change which they will, if no one blows us up first such as ISIS or worse tears down our ethics, dignity and diplomacy such as Donald Trump;
  5. Who else is better equipped than Hillary to handle our congress and our foreign affairs is my position? Your not after the job are you? (I wouldn't vote for you, if you were.) But let’s not debate the issue.
  6. Things are changing and will continue to, if we: 1. Keep speaking out; 2. Do the next right thing and the next right thing after that ourselves.
  7. I believe “we” need to accept that we have co-created a culture that is far from exemplary.
  8. Its not going to change but for one person at a time. And, YOU must be that person, if your words mean anything at all.
So now here is an Anastasia Super Sleuth suggestion for what you can do today on your end!

As I said before, pretend you are Hillary Clinton and take my “Do You Have A Survivor Addict Personality Type”inventory.
  •  See what you discover from it;
  •  Ask yourself what difference it makes for you;
  •  How truly different than Hillary are you than this in the whole scheme of things (according to Anastasia’s truth).
  • To make the points I am after here, please reference Research Hypothesis III below. (We will get to Research Hypotheses I and II at another time. They are critically important to my way of thinking but “III” takes precedence for today.)

Hypothesis III, when researched, told us that today’s women are very different, for the most part from their predecessors.

They are no longer addicted as they once were to their co-dependent ways.  

Now they have taken on the addictions of men; addictions to power, money, status, control and righteousness to note the main ones! (Where does this fit with Sheryl Sandburg's version of leaning in?)

Obviously, according to Anastasia's truth, Hillary is a surefire survivor/addict type. And that always goes with a whole lot of Dark Side attributes. So, accordingly she definitely has a serious lack of regard for rules other than her own (and Bill is  definitely no role model in this regard as we well know).

But how about you? How often do you break or bend a few yourselves?

And, how about others that you know, especially in politics, who is doing much better?

OK! Here’s my bottom line for today from all this rambling which is actually worth its weight in gold!

Really folks how different are you?  Check yourself out on Anastasia’s Survivor Addict Inventory.

Trust me, no matter how good this survivor/addict stuff looks on the surface there is always a price to pay sooner or later, if not on earth. Then where?

Obviously if power, money, status, control, righteousness are the aim Hillary's got it! But isn't there some small place where you realize that you, too, are a player in the GAME?

More to come.

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