Monday, December 1, 2014

The Truth About Truth

The truth will set you free

Ok, that axiom has been around a long time. But exactly how does it occur that truth sets you free?

Do you really know the answer and how it works?

And how often do you adhere to it?

How often fudge it, just a little?

The “real deal” truth is that most of us like to think we are fairly honest, that we are committed to integrity.

If and when someone questions our honesty or truthfulness, we are generally offended or angry.

“Oh, no! Not I! LYING! Not me!

So how goes it these days that the truth is what we want from Bill Cosby?

The “real deal” truth is that the majority of people in our contemporary society, being survival-driven as most are, are often unwilling, even unable to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

How about you?

And, if not YOU, why expect it from Bill Cosby or anyone else?

Truth telling is one of those things closest to my heart so I will have much more to say here on the subject -- trust me. (Dotch'a just love it when someone says "trust me"?

We have only just begun!

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Then let’s talk a bit more about “telling the truth.”

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