Saturday, February 22, 2014

The White Unicorn …

…sits on my desk, held fast within the snow globe.

Encapsulated, the shake-up of snow swirling around, her beautiful head is barely above the water line. She is concealed, but  just for a moment.

Then see the snow settle and clear.

Metaphorically, I am my white unicorn, held fast in place by too many snow days, ice and freezing cold. My car, half buried in snow, as the sun makes its valiant attempt to shine, is still as disabled in its ability to move, as I in my snow globe.

Yet somehow the closing in is okay; an almost welcome time-out. Then the sun begins, once more to shine. And, I find myself not quite ready to come out from the whirl, at least not quickly.

Cocooned, I did some growing, as a butterfly does, similarly, though I would be hard put to tell you how. Still, when the swirl began to clear outdoors, I found myself reluctant to take flight, nor quite steady on my sea legs.

Ah, but cabin fever got the best of me. So once I had dug myself out, I made my get-away out of the mountains into the town. Back to civilization, finding myself relieved and expanded by the effort, I discovered I liked that too.

The mythological Amaterasu, Japanese goddess of the sun, one of the goddess guides I devotedly follow, shines brightly, today, again, as she did yesterday, reminding me that both coming out and going back in have their time and place.

And, too, it might, also, be time for some fun.

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