Sunday, February 16, 2014

Point of clarification

Could the fact that I have a personal life that might differ, albeit slightly, from my professional world cause a stir or controversy, for anyone, anywhere?
Such as the next, very important revelation that some celeb or other is announcing, today, that she/he is gay or black or bi-racial might?

I would hope not. At least not in any negative way! 

Sometimes, my “other (personal) life” does, however, seem to matter to some who do wonder whether or not New Horizons is a spiritual program.

Especially, given the recent passing of New Horizons’ community development mentor, Murat Yagan. Murat was, also, my personal spiritual mentor. From either angle, interest in New Horizons or a reader/supporter of mine, a significant increase in references to Murat would be natural at this time.

Whatever your interest, please note the following clarification.

New Horizons publicly speaks of Murat as our "community development mentor" and his, also, being my personal "spiritual mentor." If you have an interest as to how these two roles Murat provided entwine, the recent contribution Sue and I made to Murat’s last published book, AhmstaKebzeh: The Science of Universal Awe,Volume II, offers as complete an explanation as would be needed, I believe.

(The recent publication of this long-awaited book, which includes this article by Sue and I, would have naturally resulted in our expansion of comments and connections to Murat and his influence and impact on New Horizons had his unexpected death not occurred as it did in December.)

To further explain, however, allow me to state  –

The objectives of New Horizons are to offer consulting, training and conversation forums as a mainstream community development model and program, not a spiritual training or development program.

We do our best, at New Horizons, to be very cautious as to how we present ourselves, in terms of offering guidance or education to our participants and supporters, respecting religions, personal philosophies and so forth, be they drawn from cultures, religion, philosophy or any other source. In fact, at New Horizons, we actively seek to assist, particularly through our community conversations, to build bridges across the separations of diversity wherever they exist.

Additionally, the ethical principles of our organization do draw upon, what we consider to be, the accrued wisdom of the world, including, of course, the teachings and traditions of Ahmsta Kebzeh.

We do not, in any way, shape or form, wish to impose on the willingness of supporters or participants, who accept our leadership and guidance, as permission to intrude or trespass on the personal values and needs others hold.

With Kebzeh community principles and traditions interwoven into what was originally a long-established therapeutic community model, we have every evidence that we have developed a superb mainstream community development template. To continue our carefully earned, fine reputation as professionals in the area of mainstream community development, we pay heed to maintaining this.

Sometimes, for me, there is a fine line between my professional persona and personal values. Because, occasionally, this juxtaposition can be tricky, I proceed always with caution.

Of one thing you can be assured, no matter how far my visioning may take me or my spiritual perspectives guide me, my feet are always on the ground!

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