Friday, July 19, 2013

We got to awe!

Together we got to awe! Now I am on my second day of celebrating my birth-day!
An awesome
It’s taking that long – and – longer to celebrate this one!

A new phase has begun in my life; a rite of passage granted by having done what I was supposed to do. In earth plane terms that was making it all the way through that tricky radio show, yesterday, with its many technology problems and coming through to the awe.
I thought of rites of passage as I was contemplating my morning “talk to G-d” rituals and what yesterday’s event brought me. (A tribal Jew such as I always pays attention to these.)

In that moment a passage in a book I had journeyed into, preparing for my birthday celebrations came to me.  Here is what it said that I knew, at once, was a personal message to me.
From Jamie Sams in “Sacred Path Cards,” offering Native American wisdom on “Rites of Passage” …

….. when a member is being initiated into the mysteries of new levels of awareness. These new levels of understanding and spiritual knowledge are opened only to those who have earned the right through the way they live their lives.
That be ME on this birthday!

Yesterday’s radio show was the initiation.

You had to be there to be in it! All the way through.
That’s how “awe” is; collective, determined, persistent, courage, loving.

There meant listening in to the whole of the radio show which had an amazing surprise ending.
And, being a part of the conference call-in segment that lasted over an hour.

Listen to the podcast of “Hot Pants, Motorcycles and K Street” on my Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show for the first part.
Contact me by email at: for the private conference call in recording codes, given out only by special request and permission.

Awesome! We are on our way.
More to come.

Thanks and thanks and thanks again to all for helping me have a majestic, off the charts of the earth plane birthday.


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