Saturday, July 27, 2013

I’m Outta Here!

I woke up this morning, wondering; part of me still in a dream state, part of me not. Solidly grounded as I am, as well as a dreamer, I couldn’t quite move beyond my morning musings to knowing where next to place my step; how to walk myself into this new day.
Later I realized that maybe it's just that I'm sometimes feeling lost these days, as well as found!
It’s kind of strange, especially since the Summer Solstice. My life seems so obviously abundant in, of all things -- miracles! 

I don’t quite know how to “be” in it and with it.
The old scripts I had become accustomed to, especially the one I call my “Chicken Little Syndrome/the sky is falling” script just seem to have evaporated; almost gone poof.  But, of course, you know, if you know me, I have really worked my tail feathers off to get here, wherever that may be.
Take my birthday for example.
My birthday celebration radio show was a beautiful and gratifying way to mark that day, especially the surprise that came right at the end of the show! I hope you enjoyed it, if you listened in at broadcast time or after on podcast. The experience made clear to me, once again, that the sharing of stories is a richly endowed endeavor. This time it was about how we’ve each moved from “there to here."

Those who joined me on that show, briefly, reached awe through that show. It was amazingly simple, as well as complex. Perhaps, someday, I will find it timely to tell the story of how the profound interweaving of what occurred on the air with what was, simultaneously, occurring behind the scenes, brought me, as well as some of the others, to “awe”  by our simply being together in shared participation.

Awe is such a challenging
mountain to climb.

“Awe” is that moment of unity when clarity, connection and wholeness are realized; a worthy and challenging place to be. As earth plane people, “awe” is not, however, easily sustainable. We are called, by the very nature of our human existence to move forward from such moments on to our next steps beyond this.

We climb and climb in our minds and our hearts, striving to reach this peak called awe. The air gets lighter, the vista broader, the energy vibration more subtle. You can see farther and wider, but it is only an ephemeral experience. The sustaining is every bit as demanding as the climb, if not even more so.

My Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show is presently a lot about remembrances and reflections about my journey, as it has been to date, with my personal stories the launching pad for the shared stories of others.
Having shared this story with you, now I think I realize where for me to go from “here.” 

I get it!  I see!

This past year from last birthday to this one has been awe-filled, one day after another, especially since our Summer Solstice community-building event day.
 It stands to reason, therefore, in my book, that my next steps should be about taking a vacation, getting away into a totally different environment; a change of pace and scenery so I can get some perspective about what is happening to me and around me.  So I can be prepared for what’s happening next.

Do you SEE it too; this brave new world?
Yup! These are the next right steps for me; packing my bags and getting outta here so I can find out if it’s true; the goddess is alive and magic is afoot.
So this week I think I’m going to tie up loose ends and head for an isolated Canadian island for a vacation with my spirit sister, Sue.  

Yup! That’s it! These are my next right steps.

But I’m not gone yet. I’ll be back at least to say hi and good-by.
From Anastasia the Storyteller who lives high in the hills, everyday in abundance.

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