Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Learning Curve and the Transcendent Life

I am really excited about my new radio show, Anastasia The Storyteller. Challenging as it is -- and I’ll certainly say that it is -- with all kinds of new technology kinds of things to learn besides simply being the show host/narrator, as I prefer to call myself, I do like it, a lot!
However, for the past six weeks, since we, the organizing team for the kickoff event, finally presented our Overcoming the Polarization of Politics event on December 12 (originally scheduled for the day Hurricane Sandy hit, canceled and then rescheduled), my days have been over the top busy.

In addition to all the demands of my radio show, added to my writing articles for these two blog sites, the pressures of my life were truly getting to be almost more than I could manage. Learning so many new things and still continuing to manage what had, until then, been my ordinary life, such as it is, was truly getting to be a bit much.

What's next?
Then, add in to that stew pot, the election campaign and the “excitement” of the elections themselves – and --  the upheaval of Hurricane Sandy – and --  notoriously the end of the world on December 21 which was not, what have you got?
A brave new world, if you ask me!

Then, of course, you’ve got to include the Newtown tragedy.
So, if you know where YOU are, for certain, with all this going on, please send me a postcard from wherever that is, if they still make them and the stamps to go with them. Or, if you have any old ones stashed some where in your drawer, send me a note.

As for me, I am trying to get back to my books, especially the ones written by Murat, so I can refresh my mind about all that the transcendent life requires of new things to learn, if one is intent on reaching that peak of the Mountain of Awe.
It sure isn’t too easy, if you ask me. But I do love it!

Now that I have my radio show, I can access added ways of expressing myself, such as voice tones and inflections, where I can actually speak my words out on the spot, without editing (But, of course, with more risk, wouldn’t you say?) and, hopefully, offer more clarity, about what I am trying to convey, to my visitors (readers or listeners) as I attempt to talk about the world of awe that I live in, my  transcendent way of life.
That is, of course, when I am not falling down and scraping my knees. Such is my learning curve and the transcendent life.

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