Monday, March 26, 2012

Entering The Labyrinth

Whatever IT is, first you have to want IT. Then you need to believe IT is possible to attain. Next you need to set your intentions, wholly, totally without reservation, on your vision, even if you’re a little bit scared. You might actually even be a lot scared. But that cannot matter. Every fiber of your being knows this IT is your “North Star;” the light you must follow; if your life is to have meaning for you. The only worthy path for your destiny.

How can a bus ride and
a labryinth be similar?
Step number four is that you must regularly and ruthlessly self-assess and monitor your attitudes and actions. You must get out of your way, meticulously seeking to eliminate any and all you do that obstructs the attainment of your vision. You do this eliminating on every level of your personhood, your human interactions, carrying that intent into every conceivable aspect of your life.

Your intention is so strong; your determination so unequivocal that your day-to-day, moment by moment choices become more and more familiarly spontaneous. You are, essentially, living without needing to make, any but the most rudimentary, momentary choices as your main, overriding destination is topmost in your mind, encircling and defining the smaller ones.

Our night of the Abkhazian Dinner has come now and gone. It was a beginning. I believe I will always be able to trace back to this event, this year’s (Almost) Annual Abkhazian Dinner, as a beginning though I will never see its end. The attainment of a long held vision is in sight. When I lost my eyesight I did not lose my vision. I do not yet know how to tell you in words what I saw when I was blind but I believe what I saw is now coming to pass.

Last night at the Abkhazian Dinner I was unable to eat. There seemed to be no time for me to imbibe the beautiful array of foods brought to our feast. Still I had little hunger, fed as I was on all else, surrounding me, particularly the people. Yet not only the people. but the spirit they created collectively around them.

Now that I’ve got it what do I do with it? I have entered the labyrinth, once again. This time bringing very special others with me. Who can know where we are going although we know where we are heading?

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  1. A wonderful "tradition" was begun. Everything and everyone was beautiful! Thank you, Dear Anastasia and Sue for making manifest your VISION! In PEACE, LOVE, & LIGHT, Nancie