Friday, March 16, 2012

The Dawning

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I think insight might be dawning for me about my relative silence here these past few months. Growing clarity suggests that my quiet has had to do with my knowing "awe." As Murat has said, “not knowing about it, but knowing it.” And, once known, at least insofar as awe is concerned, not being willing to settle for less. Here I am, particularly, speaking about awe and its various aspects.

To “know something, not just about it, but to know it,” can be wondrous. One of the things I know is the quality that “awe” has; the vibration of it, particularly when it is an “awe” co-created with others. I have spoken, sometimes even at length, about awe on the other blog site. I have even, at times, offered myself up as a guide for the adventure of climbing the Mountain of Awe. I have had some takers, but not nearly enough to assure myself that I am available enough to the best of my abilities.

Now comes the Abkhazian Dinner, promising to be another opportunity; a golden one at that; this one for a group, where I believe I will be called to use the best of my skills in the service of guiding others on the climb to the very peak of the Mountain of Awe. Even better for me, this climb will be assisted by my co-adventurer, Sue, and the other volunteers signing on to help with the Abkhazian Dinner.

Now it is dawning on me; my silence has been a product of my “knowing” awe. Knowing awe, why would a discriminating person become overly-involved in the hype of the day, even to offer one’s opinions about it? Such a being should definitely be discriminating, saving one’s precious energies for a more propitious time. It will surely come. Patience is the key.

Already I am beginning to see that the energies surrounding our Abkhazian Dinner, on behalf of the Season For Non-Violence, bode well for contributing my various skills. Indeed, the event may, in fact, even turn out to be an auspicious opportunity. What more could one ask?

I advise that, if you are not already a reader of both of the blog sites for which I write, start tuning in now. I believe BIG things are about to soon start happening for me and for New Horizons, our many programs and projects, including our Possible Human, Possible Society Study. My stories about these will be shared as much and as often as I can post them, back and forth between the two sites. I believe my silence is over!

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