Sunday, February 12, 2012

Spirit Of Graciousness

Surprisingly, I had no more words to express, after I posted my Herman Cain scandal articles. And explaining that matter, even to myself, was a rather challenging endeavor. How does one shift, almost overnight, from bold near-expletives to silence, particularly in today’s highly-charged political environment? Is that not an absurdity, particularly if one wishes to have impact which I decidedly do?

I thought myself rather strange in this way, especially, as at the time that I silenced myself, I had come to love writing my blog articles. And I believed that I was genuinely enjoying myself, speaking out as I was. For decades circumstances had conspired to hold back the well-researched, well-documented perspectives I had devotedly accrued since Watergate on the "dark side" of politics and the power games politicians play.

The spirit of graciousness
my "Mom" (stepmother)
embodied is with me always.
I prided myself on my expansive capacity to, not only explicate what I had discovered, but put that wisdom to use in everyday life. Should I choose to do so, I was more than confident of my
ability to "diplomatically" challenge the best of the power players. That is, if I choose, too, to risk upending my hard-won “zones of peace” and tranquility.

So why had I silenced myself just at the seemingly most perfect moment; heading into the 2012 election year? There certainly were, already, more than enough opportunities to make my perspectives known in the growing heat of day; endless “case studies,” actively offering themselves up for comment, each and every day of the week. Why quiet oneself now, a curious observer might ask?

It’s almost easy to understand the irony, if one realizes how absurdly boring it has all become; this election campaigning of 2008, now become that of 2012. And, how it is for me, personally, in this daily arena of character bashing. Given that I have a bold, brash, male side of me that enjoys, not only the wisdom I have gained, but the game as its played, but, even more so, that I, also, have a spirit of graciousness, embodied by my Divine feminine nature, I needed the quiet of my inner mystical self to take a break from it all. Before it has even fully begun. Thus, for awhile I had little more to say, but only for awhile.

Truly, I am, today, a product of my parents; bold and outspoken like my father, and gentle and contemplative like my stepmother. How to balance these two sides of me and do it with grace does not always come easy to me.

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