Friday, January 27, 2012

Where Has Anastasia Been Hiding Out All This Time?

I was in a groove for awhile with posting blog articles here. (I’d say from about June, 2011 until around November, 2011. Check it out for yourself.) I think there was some pretty good stuff there too. I was on a roll, taking a stand for "my personal platform" about political matters. My platform, of course, also speaks volumes for New Horizons and its various projects. As I am the one that birthed that baby, New Horizons Support Network, Inc. (circa 1980) and its many faces!

Then I had almost nothing to say on "Anastasia The Storyteller"; arid desert. Nothing. Nada. Perhaps I was wearing one of my many masks. And, perhaps that one had its mouth zipped. But I don’t think that is quite it. So we’ll let that point just slide for a bit. Anyway, here I am, again. And, to get myself back in the flow that I was so much enjoying until I was silent, I am posting below an earlier blog that, as it turned out, may, once again spoken here, help me unravel the mystery (as I’ve been wondering about it too), “Has the cat got your tongue, Anastasia?”
"Ma B'shrt"

Anastasia’s answer: “Yes, well maybe it did. The cat that is, maybe she did almost get my tongue. To be completely honest I did get a cat around the end of October. And begin learning to live with her during this fallow period was no small challenge for me. So maybe there is a link here. Anyway her name is B’shrt which is Hebrew/Yiddesh??? (I forget which), meaning “destiny.”

She is quite a princess so maybe I was being challenged to make room in my life for this other feminine royal being here. Especially when I don’t even think I like cats and she wasn’t much fun in the beginning. She is, now, growing on me, however, so maybe part of the mystery about where I have been these past months is off forming a new relationship. Whatever it was, wherever I have been, hasn't been very verbal.

Re-posted from Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Where has Anastasia been that there have hardly been any blog posts from her for months?


After Anastasia commented on the Herman Cain scandal, she began a journey to the deeper realms of her true, beautiful feminine Self and the mysteries held therein. She had few words with which to articulate these places that she was accessing.

The Herman Cain scandal and Anastasia’s commentaries on them seem to have brought her to a place wherein she found herself growing very bored. Boredom is a seldom place for Anastasia. Thus she felt called to observe the significance of her boredom with curiosity. Her contemplations on these, the Herman Cain scandal and her boredom, brought Anastasia to hypothesize that when juxtaposed with the other changes going on in the deep inner recesses of her Being, as well as those now taking place at New Horizons, there just might be some kind of link.

Might Anastasia's boredom with occurrences such as the recent Herman Cain scandal, contrasting with the near magical quality of her most recent program development efforts; the creation and birthing of the Possible Human, Possible Society Study, have anything to do with one another?

Check back soon for updates. More to come. (Well, as of today, January 27, 2012 not much more has come, but it is on its way.)

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