Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Celebrating The Local: Concern About The Global

At this time of our one year anniversary of the inspiring success achieved out of our "Saving Centennial Mission" project (and Centennial's 110th anniversary), it is time for expressions of gratitude for a job well done and celebration of a congregation of people who truly exemplified the dedication it takes to find elegant solutions to pressing problems such as the dire financial straits as well as the organizational distress they were experiencing.

While the specifics of the "Saving Centennial" adventure to awe are still being revealed -- if they ever are (and maybe they are none of our business) -- let us enjoy and appreciate the wonder of the mystery.  
Centennial Methodist Church
Downtown Frederick, Maryland


Concurrently, a new, critical situation, the NYC mosque controversy, has arisen, prompting a shift in focus for myself and the New Horizons Small “Zones Of Peace” Project. I hope you will check out my expression of rousing concerns on this issue by visiting today’s posting on our other blog. The blog article, Chaos On Ground Level Aborts Climb, not only gives voice to the present distress (re: the NYC mosque controversy), among New Horizons "Zones of Peace" volunteers, but is hopefully an invitation to you to please converse with us.

Conversation may be all that we can presently do about this serious challenge. Nonetheless, if talking could put money in the bank for a church in trouble, what might we now be able to co-create, if cultural diversity difficulties are successfully overcome by dialogue. Why not give conversation a try, if you haven't already? Tell your stories. Make a new friendship bond over coffee, especially with someone having a diverse background from yourself. 

As we gather people -- in greater numbers -- together with the hope of collectively finding elegant solutions to this pressing issue. I am encouraged that readers of our blogs have quickly -- in the last few hours -- already sent in emails voicing their personal views and concerns. 

Please join with them -- and -- us. "Irreconcilable differences" are not an option for a global village in response to an issue of this magnitude of conflict.

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