Friday, August 18, 2017

Blessed Be! Tranquility Came To Me!

After posting the blog article I wrote yesterday, How To Avoid Being Trapped By Dark Side Leaders, Whoever They Might Be, which I had named and renamed three times before I just let it be, I simply, and not so simply, just gave up. 

I wasn’t happy, or even remotely satisfied, with it, as I sometimes feel after completing a piece. In fact the unsettled feeling it left me with continued to nag at me for hours afterward. Still I hadn’t quite been able to get across what I most wanted to convey. 

Off and on during the day, yesterday, I would review the hard copy of the article I had printed out, constantly finding things to add or subtract; points to clarify. By the time I finally decided to  let it go, it read like a hodgepodge to me. So I decided to give up and take my lumps, telling myself that I, obviously, still had much to learn about writing successful blog articles.

Oh well!

My first moments of “letting go” were followed by a bit of turbulence I thought I might ride through by a lovely evening outside under the stars, sitting in my favorite deck chair, reading under an outdoor light. That plan fared no better than my writing; the residents of an unfound hornet’s nest, had freed up its occupants to plague my tranquil evening.  They, too, liked the light!

Emptying my sixth can of Raid, attempting to stake out my territory, with its accompanying hazards, by this time, seemed too much to countenance further, I gave up and went inside to continue reading my juicy, summertime, who-done-it murder mystery.

Eventually bedtime rolled around and a good night’s sleep beckoned. So there I went. 

Somehow, during the night, a tranquility I have never felt since Trump’s election came into my being. Thus I woke up this morning with a peacefulness I hadn’t experienced for months. All that seemed to account for this is that I had, apparently, become the beneficiary of my own creative spirit, struggling throughout the day, yesterday to express myself, trying to come forth through my writing.

I had, somehow, reached my own consciousness, writing that article for readers.

Had Trump’s outrageous comments regarding the Charlottesville tragedy of the weekend finally crossed a no-return line in the sand for me? 

Or, had my feeble attempts at trying to encourage the loyal readers of my blogs, reminded my own self of principles I was trying to promote?

Maybe later, on this volunteer work day ahead out here, today, at the Harpers Ferry Retreat Center, especially with time, on the land, to spend with Sue, my collaborator, I will know what I don’t yet know about the peacefulness I am now experiencing. 

But, for now, the one thing I do know is that the article I wrote yesterday, added to the one I wrote last week on The Power Of One, plus another I particularly liked, Winners And Losers: A Paradigm For Each, have, somehow, brought me a magical moment wherein I feel wonderfully tranquil and detached, though no less observant, of the chaos surrounding each and every day in this country, with Trump in office!

From this place I can see myself, more and more, continuing to be active, if through my writing, teaching and storytelling, if in no other way, prompted to taking action, prompted not by agitation, as I fear so many are doing, but by Spirit direction, the kind of urging that comes of Divine guidance, hopefully without tinges of the dark.

I will now do my best, having experienced what it feels like, to more and more, strive for that beautiful tranquility that came to me this morning.

As pagan devotees like to say, Blessed Be!

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