Friday, July 28, 2017

Beyond The Darkness

I definitely did write, in my article titled “Coming Out” Can Be Scary – Even If You Aren’t Gay!, about the whoosh of emotions, far from positive, that came of my “coming out.”

Yuk, they were awful. Had me in a puddle of tears!

You could certainly equate that with my being in the darkness!

I knew it at the time, for sure.  I felt awful!!

I knew, also, that this reaction was only about “feelings,” not necessarily about reality, or so I told my intellect. 

But damn if they didn’t seem real enough at the time!

Fortunately I have a great support network. So talking out my negativity began to move it. You do know, don’t you, that emotions are transitory; moving energies if you let them be, which I did. I’m so smart that way.

Then, magic of all magic, I woke up this morning, put my feet on the ground, and, guess what happened next?

I had another “completely unprepared for whoosh of ….. human emotions… (come)… forth out of me!

This time a whoosh of POSITIVE ONES!!! I had, indeed, once more found the Light in the Darkness.  Today I am like a genie out of a bottle. Yippee!

Do you know how to do this, on purpose? 

I do. Well almost purposelessly, with a little help from my friends. So that I now live a life of conscientious alchemy; intent, day in and day out, of turning lead into gold.

Want to know how I do it, again and again? 

I am about to start teaching you how I do it, more and more systematically. So that you can do it too!

I’ve been walking around the edges of how to do this alchemy that I learned from my mentor, Murat Yagan, for years in various ways with all three of my blogs. 

But from here forth, with my new path unfolding, I am about to show you the details, as best I can on a blog. Follow my “yellow brick road” (i.e. my three blog sites) for details. Below is the map I follow. I will interpret it, again as best I can on a blog, so that you can follow it too, in your own special way.

Today’s tip is this: 
  • Notice the red arrow on the diagram below called "Anastasia's Chart of Ascension." an interpretation of the original, "Murat Yagan's Chart of Ascension;"
  • The red arrow is pointing into what our Beloved Community Development Mentor, Murat Yagan, called the “lower triangle;”
  • Notice, on the left side of the “lower triangle,” the words “Survival Consciousness”
  • Survival Consciousness needs to be transcended/transformed if you want to find Light in Darkness
  • Two tools I have already posted to help you with this are: the Survivor/Addict Inventory and the Catalogue of Survival Driven Behaviors;
  • Check these out;
  • Study them carefully;
  • Begin, if you haven’t already, to leave all of the negative indicators out of your life (I hope you will be able to tell the negative, the “what not to do,” from the positive, “what to do.”
  • In other words, free that beautiful "Essence" of your's from being stuck in the "lower triangle (i.e. Dark Side living, Survivor/Addict and Survival Driven Behavior functioning).
If your efforts fail, contact me, Anastasia, at

I will be your personal guide.

Good luck, getting beyond the darkness.

P.S. I will help you understand the levels of consciousness beyond "survival consciousness, once you begin understanding it. Those levels are "beyond darkness." The lower triangle is "in darkness."

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