Monday, June 5, 2017

I Apologize

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I was horrified, heart sick yesterday when, after trying to reach my Beloved cousin, Sallie, I found out she had been avoiding me. The political toxicity of our nation, spreading in epidemic proportions, had infiltrated our relationship.


It was an awful experience to find out this had happened, in spite of my every effort – and – possibly hers -- to not allow this to occur with us.

From the little girl
sitting on the
 basement steps!
Now if I am to turn this ordeal into a “teachable moment” here, I must allow it to actually become a series of teachable moments, shared on this site. This has its drawbacks as I have discovered in the past that when I see that a topic I wish to present here begins to take shape in my mind, as a series, I often don’t get far in to developing the theme before something else attracts my interest and I go on to that.

Hopefully, the archives/labels on this site help you, my devoted readers, follow some of these threads over time. I certainly hope so.

Nonetheless, here I go with another thread for I don’t know how long.  I could actually do a whole series on my cousin Sallie. She and what she means to me would be well worth the time and effort. Nonetheless, for now I will simply try and stick to this one UPSET!!

Oh dear! Oh dear!

Well here goes my story about this awful upset.  I sincerely hope that sharing my tale of woe might help enlighten your thinking, if nothing else.

To set the stage:
  1. I am a registered Independent, formerly, as the majority of Jewish people would be, a registered Democrat. And, now for, as far as I can see ahead, a registered Democrat no more.
For all my former allegiance, I feel totally betrayed by the Democratic party, at least as I thought it was. I think, as a group, Democrats are not paving the way, at all, for the vision I hold of a healthy U.S.A.!

I hope if you are a registered Democrat, you will, at least, give me the respect and courtesy of not disparaging me for this!  And I truly mean this in more ways than I can say right here and now; Number One being, however, that I think enough is enough of the American public polarizing like most politicians are doing, more so these days than ever before, at least as I recall. But then, perhaps, I was only operating with some kind of childlike fantasy of what the world was like or could be like, thinking that Democrats, possibly, held the key to it.

How totally naive!

More, much more on this in my series ahead, if I ever get it all out!

2. Cousin Sallie is now a registered Republican; also a formerly registered Democrat, coming from much the same stock as me.

3. Cousin Sallie is totally Pro-Trump;

4. Right now I am not pro anything, or anybody. 

5. I just want people to come together and stop polarizing!!

Remember I am the little girl sitting on the basement steps! I don’t like it when people argue.

Over the years, as I have grown and matured, I have come to accept, even appreciate the need for conflict, debate and, at times, even marked polarization. However, I have also come to see that there is always a way through points of separation, if only as a temporary détente. 

If a higher good and peace and reconciliation are valued enough, people can stop fighting and bashing one another!

It’s an attitude thing, as far as I’m concerned!

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