Wednesday, April 26, 2017

New Horizons Announces Draining The Swamp Initiative

See this post for an update on this project.

I am sooooo excited! All the way from the tip of my toes on up, as high as I can imagine, from the top of my head into the great beyond.

After months, since the November presidential election until now, I have been off and then back on my center; my serenity all askew. I could not find my inner balance point and hold it for long. Trump and Company kept throwing out hard balls each and every day that kept getting me off. 

But I have a whole tool box full of strategies, accumulated for the past forty years or so, with a side pocket of good old Goddess medicine. I count on that tool box, “The Wise Woman’s Tool Box,” to get me through hard times.  So, relying on that equipage, I think now, especially after yesterday’s announcement of New Horizons "Draining The Swamp GAME," I’m strong enough to assert that I am getting my usual balanced, grounded togetherness back from here forth! 

Now I am ready and have gotten New Horizons ready with me for some fun and happiness. With the exception of other life shattering events, I am planning on holding on to this new state, better and better in the days ahead.

(In the case of earth shattering events, personal and/or collective, we will take that that issue up, if and when it comes.)

There is so much I could say on the subject of New Horizons new “Draining The Swamp GAME,” which is the crème de la crème of New Horizons overarching, new “Draining The Swamp Initiative,”based on our old Truth or Dare Game plus the entire cache of old New Horizons evolved into new New Horizons!

Whoopee! This may be the culminating moment of my prophecy.  I think. I think. I think it just might be!  If not, I’ll just need to keep climbing the ascension of my life, have more hard work ahead and celebrate bigger later.

For now, however, the top of my desk is a mess and my various other piles of “to do” stuff are lying all around. So I will just have to wait to get more of my good news out to you and see where it takes us. But it’s coming, now wrapped up in New Horizons “Draining The Swamp Initiative.”

Keep watching as we unfold New Horizons “Draining The Swamp Initiative” and make it work!

Next I am bound now for a good mountain road hike in the sunshine outside my office window and a bit of toning and stretching plus a good, but delayed breakfast before I go.

See ya! More later. 

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