Friday, April 29, 2016

Saying What I See, Having So Much Fun!

As April nears its end and I push myself to write and publish my intended monthly quota of four articles, I hardly know where to begin to end the month. So much is happening almost daily now, momentum building, as New Horizons and myself expand our boundaries. This is what saying what I see is bringing me -- so much fun!

One way you might be able to get caught up on some of what’s happening around here is to be sure to read the two main blog sites I am writing semi-regularly; the New Horizons Small Zones of Peace Project site and this one. And listen in to the podcasts of my two radio shows, The Possible Society In Motion Radio Show and Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show.  

Both of which are brimming with discussions, New Horizons-type philosophies and guidance for readers and listeners you might like of our brand of social and political activism; leaning in and developing your artfulness in dialogue.

For example, the one Jack and I did last Thursday evening titled “What It Means To Have A Voice”

on podcast

-- is an inspiring back and forth between Jack and myself on the topic, very much tied into our current presidential campaign chaos.

And to boost my series on “Conversations with Anastasia on the art of dialogue/conversation,” I think my most recent –

-- isn’t half bad though we are still challenged with technical difficulties on both shows.

Well with this one posting I am putting work to bed now for the day and will return tomorrow for one more something or another just to keep you a bit updated and share the fun I am having saying what I see!

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