Monday, July 27, 2015

Why Do Black Lives Matter To Me?

Of course it is a given that to me all lives matter. That is just simply my nature, reinforced by my Jewish heritage, I think; its plusses and minuses, its travels and travails and its magnificence.

In principle all lives matter, but why and how I have chosen to place an emphasis on black lives, I am not quite certain. But I am looking at it to find out. The question brought me to a serious contemplation this morning as I opened my heart and my mind to the day.

Added into the mix was that I was noticing that there was something strong behind my considerations, carried forth into these efforts, now energizing New Horizons’ current local Kids and Kops In Conversations project.
Storytelling Can Become
A Path To Peace

No doubt, if I plumb the depths of my psyche, my answers might be complex. Right now I am uncertain. Is humanity and what unites us with one another in caring and compassion uncomplicated or not? 

For the moment I think I have a short form explanation to my pondering. But the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is, I am sure, a long and intricate, twisting tale.

The first part of the answer, as I am telling it to myself, has to do with having a shared history with my African American brothers and sisters. Therefore I am carrying a not insignificant cache of tales, behind who I am that relates directly to Black – White relationships. Stories that help paint a picture of both the process and the product that is me today.

Front stories, back stories, each and every one of us has them; some are more drama-filled and/or intriguing, some more on the side of the ordinary. None are one more important than the other. 

Certainly the front stories and the back ones I have listened to over the past half year plus since New Horizons’ Coffee House Conversations On Race Relations began are presently shaping the me I had become into the new me that has yet to emerge.

I like it that I am asking myself “Why it is that Black lives matter to me?” 

I like it when I know and understand elements that prompt my day-to-day actions and activities, from the simple to the grand.  Stories are made up of these personal building blocks while offering both speaker and listener so much from which to craft a better tomorrow.  I believe I will keep challenging myself to ponder questions such as these that tell me why Black lives matter to me. And continue to seek answers, similarly, from others, even when things get a bit rocky in this area as they have somewhat today and over the past week.

Still today I am understanding just a bit more about how and why Black lives came to matter enough to me – and – therefore to the organization I head, New Horizons Support Network, Inc., to devote so many of our resources; time, talent and treasures, to this profound undertaking, Kids and Kops In Conversations.

Front stories and back stories allow the various images of why things matter, to increase in clarity.  That matters too, giving impetus to the actions.

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