Sunday, January 18, 2015

Discipline, Passion And Master Desire: This Writer’s Dreams Come True

Maybe it’s the call of the New Year and its kinship to making resolutions for the year ahead. But oddly enough since 2015 began I have had close to half a dozen people request that I tell them how I am able to write so prolifically.

I admit to having been a bit astonished myself  that I was able to write close to twenty-five articles last month for the three blog sites I now author!

I had never written that voluminously before that I can remember.

Well, truth be told, there was that one time I wrote fifteen hundred pages in about five months! That was for book number 2 of my “Random House Trilogy," titled Journey Back To Me.

The push under pressure that one demanded is why, no doubt, I can barely remember what I wrote.  The “journey” was about as close to a writing nightmare as I’ve ever encountered/endured!

But that was a publisher imposed deadline. Money up front was at stake and numerous other perks that go with having a publishing contract with a major publisher -- with advance money -- to press one into zealous devotion.

Fear of loss being a prime motivator.

I had no such pressure in December. Yet push out those words I did.

Nor surprisingly four of the six or so inquiries, this month, came from people who are wanting to write their own books. So, someone like myself who has now written six books (all waiting in the queue to have their day) is probably a person to ask –

“How do you do it? How do you manage to produce so much of the written word?

How do you manage to find the time, the discipline, the wherewithal to make it through writer’s block?

Keep up your inspiration? Your motivation?

The queries got me to thinking, how am I managing to produce, especially at the pace I now seem to now be keeping.

“Well, said I, what I am doing presently actually has a great deal to do with my having been blind. And, recovering from the ordeal.”

It’s a long story, said I to myself when solitude allowed me to reflect on the issue.

At the center of my being able to be so productive is that I am an incredibly focused person, fueled by a certain love and passion for what I do. This all comes under the heading of a practice our Beloved Teacher, Murat Yagan, called “Master Desire.”*

Master Desire is a developed ability to merge the conscious and subconscious mind into one and guide that weave into disciplined intent. I will write more of this soon (I am awaiting copyright permission to excerpt some of this from Murat’s original writings on “Master Desire.”)

There are other factors too, primarily tied to my blindness and recovery from blindness that account for my present productivity; all wrapped together under one heading; gratitude.  Gratitude is a strong motivator I have discovered.

Here are some of the things for which I am grateful that fill me with so much love, joy, passion and abundant energy that sometimes I feel as if I could keep on writing until forever.

I am incredibly grateful that –

  • I am able to SEE again;
  • I can work again;
  • Seeing and working are allowing New Horizons to be resuscitated (i.e. brought back from a “near death experience while I was on an eight year sabbatical, being blind and recovering from the ordeal) so that I have boundless material to write about;
  • Being able to see again, I can now dig into the treasure trove of piled up manuscript papers and other articles that could not be located and sorted through until now;
  • Recovered from blindness I can now unearth what had been buried, including me, and begin to put the pieces of my life together again into a coherent archives for even more writing material;
  • I cannot possibly live long enough to share all I have written and will yet write;
  • This is all so glorious  -- OMG!
As I said above, I have so much passion and abundant energy, backed up with lots of love and support, that I feel sometimes as if I could write until forever.  That's a piece of how gratitude fuels Master Desire. And Master Desire developed produces "awe."

That’s the short form of my answer.

*A monograph on “Master Desire” by Murat Yagan is available through Kebzeh Publications. Other sources for orders will be noted as soon as we have updated information.

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