Monday, June 30, 2014

OMG! It’s Almost July – My Birthday Month!

Not being one to miss out on celebrating (even if it be by myself), I need to turn my mind to this.

Birthdays and anniversaries in my family have always been a time to take note of one’s progress in life, or lack thereof.  A slight bit like the Jewish High Holy Days in terms of the need to self-assess, but without the holy part.

Last year at this time, as usual, New Horizons was readying itself for our annual board meeting.  We typically hold it on the weekend closest to my birthday. Not because I’m so extra special but because my birthday just happens to be almost right smack dab in the middle of the year.

Also, it is particularly nice out here on the mountain at this time of year. So people don’t mind, in fact rather enjoy, the trek up here.

In case I might be inclined to forget, luck has it that my birthday is exactly two weeks after the fourth of July, July 18 to be exact.  Fourth of July, easy to remember the “4,” then add two weeks, 14 days, and, voila, there it is July 18!

My own special day, along with Red Skeleton, John Glenn, the astronaut – and – Nelson Mandela as well as countless other beings!

Google tells me that among my strengths is emotional sensitivity for myself and others, unfaltering optimism, diplomacy (because of the sensitivity and optimism, I guess) -- and – imagination. No wonder I was always so much at home at Disneyland!

Having judiciously contemplated these few points, relevant especially to me, I called up a few friends – and –my ever loyal board members.  They supported my heart’s desire to celebrate my birth-day and re-birth day along with a next New Horizons’ community-building day (like more of what we began to do last year).

Yup! There it is another New Horizons's community-unity day on the way. And, me to be the   guest of honor for my special day!  How very lovely.

In July, celebration comes easy.

(Any excuse will do.)

By invitation, only, and for women only, Saturday, July 19.

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