Friday, August 30, 2013

Return of the "Recovering Anti-Semitic Jewish American Princess"

Yesterday’s radio show was delicious and next week’s promises to be –
Spiritually special

We hope you will join us for this next one.
Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show announcement below --

September 5, 2013

(Rescheduled for Friday, September 13, the end of the Ten Days of Awe.)

In celebration of the Ten Days of Awe (also known as the "Ten Days of Repentance) of the Jewish New Year, Anastasia invites honorary daughter, Terry, long-time friend, Gloria Livingston, and other guests into a discussion of the significance Anastasia has found in following this ancient tradition of her heritage.

Describing her personal ecclectic path as bringing her to know the human jamboree of "awe," Anastasia introduces the "mixed" marriage she made during her term of blindness and recovery (1998 -- 2006) of her Judaism, psychological principles and the teachings of Abkhazian Elder, Murat Yagan, as described in Murat's new book, "Ahmsta Kebzeh: The Science of Universal Awe."

For stories Anastasia has written on her personal spiritual journey as drawn from these traditions, read Anastasia's collection of anecdotes labeled, "Recovering Anti-Semitic Jewish American Princess.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hot Pants, Motorcycles and K Street: The Book In Progress, Officially Announced!

What’s behind this new book?
Hot Pants, Motorcycles and K Street

In the Era Before Watergate

Hear me, Anastasia, dialogue on podcast, with Terry, one of my three “honorary daughters” and long-term friend, Gloria Livingston, on the current, unfolding, story behind this new book, in progress.

It was a lively and interesting show with a good time had by all!
Please join us for a shared adventure by listening in to this Anastasia The Storyteller episode, on podcast, as well as earlier episodes and those yet to come, broadcast or on podcast.

And, avail yourself of the opportunity in shows to come to call-in and be a part of the on-air forum of issues and anecdotes, Anastasia’s and your’s, on this radio show, Anastasia The Storyteller.
More to come.  

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hot Pants, Motorcycles and K Street, on-air

Join Anastasia and her honorary daughter, Terry, as they discuss Anastasia’s
new book publishing contract.

Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show, broadcast live –
the book in progress.

Thursday, August 29, 2013
11:30 a.m.
Call-ins welcome at: 773.897.6393

I am a blessed person.
Having spent ten demanding years under contract to Random House (1988 – 1998), (with a substantial advance for its time), I have no need to prove myself with another major publishing house book contract, money yes, proving no.

Having been a media celebrity for my titillating entrepreneurial creativity as Executive Director and Founder of the U.S. “Male” Service and Special Delivery Messenger Service (1966 – 1974), I have no need to do that one; media celebrity, over again, either. (Hot Pants, Motorcycles and K Street” is based on this enticing story.)

Having never had a moment’s concern over breaking through glass ceilings, as I never had any to break (except for the ones I’ve created for myself and within myself), I have no need to take up this frequently lamented feminist challenge either, though I have assisted many, in my years as a psychotherapist, for which it has existed.

I do, however, have compassion for the glass ceiling’s ubiquitous limitations, believe me! I was, after all, born a woman! And come of a culture, Judaic, traditionally instructing its males to thank God each morning for not having been born a woman.
With these blessings of mine in mind, along with the many others I have accrued, I now pronounce myself the proud possessor of a new book contract; made solely with myself, on behalf of myself (and my daughter, Elisa) to whom this new book is dedicated, as it is as much her story as my own.

Thus, my new book publishing contract is, first and foremost, with myself. And, of course, I am supported by many who love me.
I will write this new book as I see fit, without publisher’s deadlines and politics.

Oh, dear, am I a lazy, dummie for even thinking this way?
But, of course, should agents and publishers be interested enough in this work in progress of mine to “discover me,” as was the case with Random House (circa 1988), I’ll be delighted and excited.

That is, if they consider my asking price tag, $2,500,000, for my package of five books, not yet published!

No takers? If not, I am intent on having fun and a wonderful adventure writing this new book of mine, “Hot Pants, Motorcycles and K Street,” far more than I ever did before.

Just because – I know how; blogging has shown me a way I truly love!
After fourteen years of pondering my next steps, here they are, free of  deadlines, editing and publisher’s delays or politics.

Self-publishers I applaud your perseverance but my heart is just not there. Instead, I want to watch the hummingbirds, the trees, the sky and the clouds as one of my best uses of time these days.

Will my stubbornness, do me in?

No big fuss made over me and my work? No hoped for royalties? No television talk shows (unless, of course, they are my choice)?
Dummie me? Stubborn me? I think I have escaped into a new level of freedom.

We shall see.
Target book completion date: February 14, 2016.

Who can predict?
But from where I sit watching today’s setting sun, you, my readers, if it is to be, are royalty enough for me.

So please join Terry, other invited guests and myself on-air, this coming Thursday, August 29, as we explore how we can all move from here to there, with my offering up my adventures of "Hot Pants, Motorcycles and K Street" as a mere jumping off point.

Thank you.
More to come.

Friday, August 23, 2013


The onset of gestation can be buoyant, as in announcing, “I/we have a baby on the way!”
Or it can be quiet as in “What does it mean that I now have a baby growing inside of me?”
"Hot Pants, Motorcycles
and K Street"
No matter the tone, life is set to change when a baby is on its way. And, you are the mother. Or, in this case I am the mother.

The baby growing inside of me is a book, “Hot Pants,Motorcycles and K Street.” It is dedicated to my daughter, Elisa Joy. It is a story set in the fast track Washington world of society and politics in the era before Watergate.
More than thirty years ago I thought I would like to be a writer. And, so I have become. At the very least, I had two books in mind; companion books they would be, one titled the “Visible,” the other the “Invisible.”  Scant a description as this may seem; this is the dreaming time of the story behind the baby growing inside me now.

I occasionally hunger, these days, to enjoy the day of her birth and beyond. But I am a realist and know she must reach a certain maturity inside of me before she is ready to enter the world of the living, outside on her own. So I set my eagerness to share her aside and try to be kind and gentle with myself, feeling pulled more toward being alone than not, as I become conscious of the growth going on inside of me.
I am adjusting now to the wonder of new life and what it may bring for me and others. So miss me, if need be, but consider, also, that I have not gone far away; occasionally, one must delve into the reserve of accrued and entitled days off from work when new life is beginning.

P.S. It was on my vacation that conditions were just right for the conception of this baby growing inside of me now. I have been very patient, awaiting this child of mine, these many years past, yearning for this next child of mine. And, here she is now on her way into life; truly a mitzvah!
Vacations can be such a wonderful time for the starting of things to come, don’t’cha think?

Friday, August 16, 2013

Hot Pants, Motorcycles and K Street

Announcing Anastasia’s new book in progress!

(Expected completion – February, 2016)

In the Era Before Watergate

The Story of the U.S. “Male” Service and Special Delivery Messenger Service and a transformed life


By Anastasia Rosen-Jones

Details to be disclosed as progress develops

Visit the Anastasia The Storyteller Radio Show for stories and background on Anastasia's "the way it was to the way it is now."

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Meeting life at the outer rim

Greetings from Canada!

Anastasia and Sue -- on vacation in Canada

Darn! Didn’t have a minute to spare trying to get out the door for vacation so here I am better late than never; saying hello, saying good-bye.

More later when we return sometime around August 15.
From Anastasia, living this week at a luxurious Canadian island cabin (except it has no electric).