Friday, August 23, 2013


The onset of gestation can be buoyant, as in announcing, “I/we have a baby on the way!”
Or it can be quiet as in “What does it mean that I now have a baby growing inside of me?”
"Hot Pants, Motorcycles
and K Street"
No matter the tone, life is set to change when a baby is on its way. And, you are the mother. Or, in this case I am the mother.

The baby growing inside of me is a book, “Hot Pants,Motorcycles and K Street.” It is dedicated to my daughter, Elisa Joy. It is a story set in the fast track Washington world of society and politics in the era before Watergate.
More than thirty years ago I thought I would like to be a writer. And, so I have become. At the very least, I had two books in mind; companion books they would be, one titled the “Visible,” the other the “Invisible.”  Scant a description as this may seem; this is the dreaming time of the story behind the baby growing inside me now.

I occasionally hunger, these days, to enjoy the day of her birth and beyond. But I am a realist and know she must reach a certain maturity inside of me before she is ready to enter the world of the living, outside on her own. So I set my eagerness to share her aside and try to be kind and gentle with myself, feeling pulled more toward being alone than not, as I become conscious of the growth going on inside of me.
I am adjusting now to the wonder of new life and what it may bring for me and others. So miss me, if need be, but consider, also, that I have not gone far away; occasionally, one must delve into the reserve of accrued and entitled days off from work when new life is beginning.

P.S. It was on my vacation that conditions were just right for the conception of this baby growing inside of me now. I have been very patient, awaiting this child of mine, these many years past, yearning for this next child of mine. And, here she is now on her way into life; truly a mitzvah!
Vacations can be such a wonderful time for the starting of things to come, don’t’cha think?

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