Sunday, October 13, 2013

There by the grace of G-d go I

Lessons I learned in my era of “Hot Pants, Motorcycles and K Street”

As in my last blog, reporting on the most recent episode of my radio show, Anastasia The Storyteller, we had a juicy discussion.
Listen to it, if you are becoming, at all, intrigued by the unfolding adventure we are having.

(Communications Director, Lisa, blog and radio show coach, liked the one before much better. Oh, well, I still like this one.)

To my mind, in this episode, my honorary daughter, Terry, asked several “pregnant with possibilities” questions; many a long night’s stories to be told.

One question, noted below, got me thinking about some of the near misses of my days on and around K Street.
Terry’s question --

How is the Washington political scene different today from the past?
I gave my answers, based on what I experienced and learned, back in the day -- and see today. You can read my points, as presented, on that earlier blog.
In summary, the main points are:

  •  Same game in Washington as the late ‘60s with some important variations that have the potential to make a difference, over time, if we last that long. 
  • Moral: The “Washington Power Game” is dangerous for the innocent. So give up your innocence, your self-centeredness and laziness. And, get real and, personally, responsible (if you are not yet on it)!
Read my blog on “Bypassing Washington.” It contains my best advice.
Below, I offer some hints as to some of the specifics of the worst dark side pitfalls, as I came to know them.  Awful as some are, they are still alive and well, potentially, in the nation’s capital.
Are you a part of the solution? Or, part of the problems?
Clue: When you rely on Washington… Well, you figure it out!
If you want details and my input on how we might turn things to the better, they will emerge as dialogue continues, specifically on-air on the topic of this mss in progress.
From Anastasia’s near misses experiences, the consequences she managed to escape, at least sooner or later,  and the lessons these taught her –“There by the grace of G-d go I."

Tragic, near tragic or tragicomedy nears misses, exemplified by those who did not miss.  And, cautions to heed.

(Links below are primarily about the survivor/addict, down side of Washington's power games. These are relevant to near misses, as I lived them.

The upside, as I also know it, can be a celebration! However, the upside is a team game; a win-win game that we are currently having a hard time learning to play. My stories are offered in the hopes we can look forward to many of these! Storytelling is such a rich path to peace.)

·         Chandra LevyMr. Goodbar is always only a step away for the innocent in D.C., if one is young and lovely and not careful enough;
·         Janis Joplin – Fame and fortune, not quite cracked up to be the best path to follow, especially if love is what you’re after. The Rose with Better Midler touched me deeply as a depiction of this deadly aspect of the power game; the celebs’ co-dependency game at its worst.

Chemical Addictions, accompanied by wild acting out (but a whole lot tamer in my era):
·         Janis Joplin
·         Lindsay Lohan

Domestic Violence
·         Charlotte FeddersLooking good on the arm of a powerful man but not so good behind closed doors.

 Dominance and oppression via the dark side agendas of elders, combined with youthful rebellion
·         Pinocchio

Sexuality as image ahead of intelligence
·         Melissa Mayer

Leaning in, meaning single-minded focus on breaking through the glass ceiling of corporate America
·         Sheryl Sandburg

Stupidity, combined with lack of experience, value development and people who get a kick out of your sexuality. Make lots of money, but not always the cleanest way to go for your real talents. Survival-driven.

·         Miley Cyrus

You can see from my list some of these examples have more lethal consequences than others. And, some have mixed blessings; the light and the dark sides of power, money and status. It might all be in the choices and the protection behind one.

The good news is that, today, we have the opportunity for more and better informed choices – and – strong sisterhood supports.  These make a whole lot of difference.

Listen in to my next Anastasia The Storyteller episode when we take up this issue. We will be talking about “Feminism to the rescue,” in the era before Watergate.

 More to come.

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