Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The meaning of life

Isn’t life on planet earth interesting these days?
But damn if it isn’t challenging to figure out, day-to-day, the meaning of one’s life, as you proceed through these days.

Especially, if you are wont to consider, as I am, how to be well-grounded and also take heed of the heavens.
(I bring this up, here, assuming you might, occasionally, have an eye to seeking a bit of heaven on earth. Last week’s guest for our Possible Society In Motion Radio Show brought this point to mind in our interview with him.
Check out our discussion with Jim Wagner, New Horizons Peace Buddy of the Year honoree for 2012, if you care to consider the idea, as a break from the mundane.)

My day started off with a call from Sue, my dear collaborator, this morning to let me know that her husband’s ankle surgery, originally slated  for this morning was being rescheduled.
Well, I was certainly happy to hear this news, especially as Sue was pleased to have a bit of breathing room to do her part; always a generous one, preparing for New Horizons’ first community building gathering event, planned for Saturday, June 22 .
(New Horizons ceased doing programs out here at our, now much-in-need-of -remodeling, Harpers Ferry Retreat Center as a result of my blind time. )

The gathering is scheduled to be a combined volunteer work day, community building program and Summer Solstice celebration. It has long been in the planning and preparation stage. But it was going to be an added challenge, with Sue’s energies and time needed to, also, support her husband through his recovery process.
There had been a handful of distractions for other volunteers too. The kinds of things that when added up suggested a bit of an obstacle course for accomplishing advance projects for our day long events program.

I joyfully contemplated this good news, heading up the mountain road for my “almost“ daily walk this morning, feeling pretty sanguine, having now reached a degree of enlightenment in my coming to terms with the fact that I definitely do share this road, occasionally, with a snake or two crossing my path.
Thinking to share the update of Sue’s opportune release from the bondage of her husband’s recovery time, I optimistically sent off a text message, announcing this fortunate turn of events, to another of our devoted volunteers for the project.

The response I got was this – “Some planet has gone retrograde here.”
Okay, Interesting.  

However, since it is only mercury in retrograde that I have developed a bit of caution about (and it is not scheduled until June 26), how is this news something for me to place in perspective for the meaning of my life, today?
You know. It’s about me, here, that I am thinking -- and -- the significance of this news for ME.

I barely had time to consider this news of the world beyond this mountain when a second text came my way.
This one read – “Disruption every damn where. Or maybe it is just you.”

Okay, I thought to myself, “Another timely update. What is this one supposed to mean for me?”
Still thinking about that one, I returned with this updated news to enjoying my walk up the road, without seeing a snake anywhere, dead or alive.

So I sent another text from me to my friend, saying:
“Umm??? I don’t feel anything for me other than SUPREME SERENITY!”

Soon the next text came back to me. This one filled with more definitive cautions to heed.
Text from my friend:

“Yah, but all of your satellites are crashing into things. It’s like voodoo or something.”
To which I responded:                 

“Might be, but I feel ROCK SOLID, especially with friends like you in my life.”
Here our conversation ended with me in puzzlement, especially as this is special friend who can, aptly, read the cosmos.

Now, you tell me,
“Am I in a crisis, now, or not? Should I, now, run for cover somewhere that I’m not? 

What’s the deal here?
And, with all this turbulence going on around me, what on earth is the –

Meaning of my life, at least, for today?       
It’s always something, dontcha think. Keeps a body on their toes I’d say.

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