Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gracious Me

Wasn’t  that some fun?
Analyzing the election campaigning, then analyzing the election. Then right after that analyzing how the election turned out. Then back to the beginning to the beginnings of the history of the United States of America. And, don’t forget the beginnings of a Barack Obama for a re-run, if you get bored and think you have nothing better to do.

Next, we can go right on to the budget cliff hanger. And, after that?  

Who knows? After all, this is the age of Bradjolina, Michael Jackson, reality tv and the boy whose parents wanted to send him way high up in a balloon. Isn’t this all so interesting?
Balance the beam
of that spotlight.
But, is it possible that there is one shining star in your life you have forgotten to look to and see the shine?

That one, in my estimation, is YOU.
Now, please understand, I have a hot button in me that gets triggered by all the attention grabbing of whomever is next in the media hype spotlight. Most probably, that trigger is there because I used to find my own self there; right there, center stage in the media spotlight.  For this story, however, that whole collection of tales will sit on the sidelines until I find a more propitious time to delve more deeply into my “I/we came for Camelot” tales. Or, the ones about our localJewish/Muslim controversy.

They are very good stories, as far as teaching tales, go. But right now I’ve got this other thread to follow; the one about where we choose to focus our attention. And, the related issue of the price we pay for our own stupid stuff when we get over-focused on the other, be they President of the United States, the now-shamed head of the CIA or his paramour, your parents, your spouse, etc. etc.
The real deal, best trick of high quality being and doing is the balance between I and thou/

More to come.

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