Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Lift Is The Gift

One cannot be content to crawl when one feels an instinct to soar. Helen Keller
A magnificent gift came to me last night as the sun readied itself to set on the official day of my birth -- day celebration. I had all but completed the highlights of the day’s festivities when an unexpected birthday gift of a lift came my way.

Oh, my. Oh, my.

Still lamenting, off and on, the losses our Pretender Peace Buddy Pod affair produced, yet graciously embracing the gifts; teachable moments, augmented maturity and all that, along came tangible evidence that the Divine does work in mysterious ways.

The gift that was a lift!

The last thing I had scheduled for my birth-day, already filled with surprises and delights, was to do one more Possible Human, Possible Society Study phone interview. (Who schedules anything on a birth-day, I had asked myself, wondering at the scheduling? However, after all, this study is almost completely birthed of my heart and soul. What more can I say?)

The man to be interviewed was already on board from several previous talks and had already proven himself to truly be “a person of interest” for the mission of our study. I was genuinely eager to talk to him. And we had had difficulty meeting up earlier this week, as originally arranged. Still it was my big celebration day. So?? Therefore??

It was important. Make time for it, I would. Thus it came to pass that I conscientiously showed up for the interview, matching the commitment of my interviewee. Between watching the sunset (my favorite part of the day) and that last little piece of steak left over from Tuesday’s pre-BIG day lunch with my collaborator and spirit sister, Sue, for a final birthday repast, I believe I allowed in the most perfect gift I could have had on this day, by accident.

I got a gift of a lift! For who I am, what I believe and what I hold most dear, the accrued losses, emerging out of our Abkhazian Dinner incident, did take their toll on me, leaving me, at times, feeling a bit worn, longing for “real deal” peace builders. Possible humans, truly doing the work to build a possible society, at least, as I hold them to be in my, very occasionally, biased perspective. (The Pretender Peace Buddy Pod affair was, indeed, such an occasion.)

So you know what happened at the setting of the sun on my main day? I got a lift as a gift, watching the sunset while interviewing a man who could well be our next Annual Peace Buddy Award Winner. I needed this lift. It came just at the right moment. As New Horizons, now, moves forward toward our next Bus Ride Story Adventure rehearsal and our annual board meeting.

I am, thus, renewed. My level of inspiration uplifted, as I begin preparing my end of responsibilities for these events in motion. It is important that I be inspired, as I am the captain of this ship. And, our board, soon, will review the progress of our study, making ready to soon send it forth (January 1, 2013) on its second full year and its second one hundred participants. All in all I needed this most beautiful birth –day gift.

This morning as I came awake into my day, taking as usual my time to pray, I felt the lift inside of me that signals me, shaman/spiritual warrior, that I have become, taking flight. Up and off earth level, my spirit soaring as it is meant to do.

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