Monday, May 14, 2012

I Feel Such Freedom When ---

what I see from my up high shaman’s view of the world can be applied with some practical benefit on ground level. And, even better, have my practical application received with respect. When I can take what has been vividly apparent to me but not so readily obvious to others and say, “Look here, do you now see what I see?” And, they, or, at least one or more “theys” says “Yes. I see it too.”

Awe = person to person
There have been quite a few powerful vistas seen from my shaman’s view as New Horizon’s Possible Human, Possible Society Study started moving into high gear last fall. 

However, try as I might, most of what I was seeing seemed difficult for others to grasp. Oh, a good many saw what I saw in a general way. Still the details and,, even more importantly, the mechanisms so obvious to me seemed almost totally obscure to the others.

It gets so frustrating, even quite discouraging. Sometimes I want to walk away from all the seeing and not being able to say and be understood, particularly with respect. Whether it is my inability to articulate, or someone else’s not understanding. But where is there to go?

Besides this yearning to connect being met is not so readily the general human condition, particularly in our westernized world. Rather we live in (or rather endure) an absence of comprehension by others. Yet we are battling hard to overcome this plight when we take a stand to ensure our First Amendment rights for freedom of speech.

I see it this way so I roundly chastised myself for an old habit of mine; bailing out on communication when it becomes difficult, noting that I have still, somewhat, that old proclivity to lack courage and endurance when choppy waters surface.

But lo and behold ten days ago, just when I had gone through another discouraging cycle of seeing and not being able to say, actually saying but not seemingly being understood and respectfully responded to, someone I admire immensely caught me by surprise. She bravely (for her too) notified me that she “got it” about a New Horizons matter of concern to Sue and I – and -- would as a result of my speaking up, take on a challenging and, thus, courageous responsibility on her end. 

Bravo said I, all aglow! More to come.

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